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Mia Hamm

"The most important attribute a player must have is mental toughness."

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Manal Bole 
MSc. Psychology of Sport 

Having completed my MSc. from the University of Stirling in Scotland, and being an avid traveler and footballer since a young age, my exposure has equipped me to approach each athlete and each obstacle with complete attention to the individual.

Guided through a five step routine of awareness, acceptance, process, practice and reflectionI provide: 

  • support to athletes in India ranging from grassroots to elite levels through enhancing self-awareness, elevating performance, and promote mental well-being.  

  • training to coaches, parents and sporting organizations in India for them to understand how to nurture and support their athletes. 

  • education on the primary importance of psychological well-being among our athletes and help them cope with all pressure on and off the field. 

Growing up as a female footballer in India in the last decade, I had an alarming realization that concerned the absence of awareness in our country about how a sport requires a lot more mental strength than physical ability. A lot has evolved positively since, and I aim to make a difference that will go a long way to making mental training in sport more accessible and inclusive through an ethically driven and evidence-based approach. 

I aim to pursue my further qualifications in the coming years while gaining on-field experience. 

The Athlete Mentality is my springboard to help athletes be the best versions of themselves everyday. ​

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Double Tennis Players


" The mind is everything,
what you think, you become. "

Learn how to tackle your mental obstacles, enhance your self-awareness, and elevate your performance to live your vision. Through an approach of awareness, acceptance, process, practice and reflection, join us and find your athlete mentality. 

Rugby Players


Being confident enough to live up to your role within a team and humble enough to allow and encourage others to play their part is what helps a team triumph. 
Understand how to get the best out of yourself, each other and the situation to establish a strongly cohesive team. 

Coach and Player


Unending trust, effective communication, unfiltered integrity and a common vision are essential to a successful coach-athlete relationship. Understand how to support your athletes better and how inculcating sport psychology techniques within your training will unlock their mental potential and allow them to be the best versions of themselves. 

Playing Soccer


Parent-athlete relationships are integral to optimal well-being, development and experiences within sport. Sometimes the hardest challenge is learning how to support your child as a growing athlete. 

Understand the difference between support and pressure towards your child, it can be the defining factor between their success and their failure. 

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Work with us and develop your athlete mentality.

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Every athlete and team should take advantage of working with a sport psychologist! Manal has done a great job working with me. The psychological edge is critical to developing successful and happy students and athletes. 

To improve my game, I have to be willing to challenge myself by practicing things that are uncomfortable and risk making mistakes. While this was hard at first, it has made practice and games challenging (in a good way) and fun!

Pro Snooker/Billiards Player, Ahmedabad


When you work with me, you should expect a collaboration with transparency, confidentiality and consistency. I aim to provide a service that is ethically-driven and with the intention to keep the welfare of the athletes at the center of it all.

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